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Commercial Services

commercial lobbyWhether you’re trying to impress a customer and/or providing a clean, professional-looking workplace for your employees, appearances matter.  To help keep your workplace clean, Mastrangelo’s Carpet Cleaning offers one time carpet cleaning or ongoing programs for commercial businesses.

We have experience cleaning churches, schools, restaurants, libraries and offices of all sizes.  Your business will not be disrupted because our professional staff will come to your facility on nights and weekends.  When you come in the next morning, the carpets will be clean and dry!  We offer two types of commercial cleaning:

  1. Steam Cleaning – this traditional method uses the most current hot water extraction equipment to clean and restore the look of your carpets.  We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for your employees.  Your carpets will dry quickly with our low-moisture equipment.  We recommend this at least once a year.
  2. Encapsulation –  This cleaning method uses an innovative polymer technology to form a distinct crystal when it dries. The crystal enables our encapsulator to capture soil so it can be extracted through post-vacuuming.  If you want to keep your carpets clean for 2-3 years, encapsulation is the best method.


Mastrangelo’s Carpet Cleaning can provide you a one-time cleaning quote or an ongoing program. Larger facilities will have economized pricing.  Please call us at 508-652-9169 for a more accurate quote. Our commercial pricing ranges from $.15 -.30 sq. ft.  Long term contracts are available and offer better pricing.

We can also provide a quote for cleaning upholstery for your office furniture.