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Carpet FAQs

How long does it take to clean my carpets?

An average size room (150 square feet) takes between 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the amount of stains and the furniture to be moved.

How long does it take for the carpets to dry once steam cleaned?

It takes 3-4 hours for carpets to dry under normal conditions.

Is there a travel charge for carpet cleaning?

No, our arrival is quoted in your price.

Do I need to vacuum before Mastrangelo’s Carpet Cleaning comes?

A light vacuuming in the traffic areas is recommended but not required.  If needed, we can pre-vacuum the area.  Also, the equipment is vacuuming the entire time we are steam cleaning.

Should we move the furniture before you arrive?

We will move any furniture that can be moved safely. However, we will not move larger / heavier items such as pianos, dressers with mirrors, china cabinets, large beds, electronics, pool tables, etc. It would also be helpful and would save time if you moved items such as plants, knick-knacks, lamps, or any breakables etc., prior to our arrival.

Does the homeowner need to be home while the carpets are being cleaned?

No, we are trustworthy professionals and are bonded and insured.  If you have any specifics requests or directions, we do recommend that someone be home to discuss prior to the carpet cleaning job.

What if spots have reappear? What should I do?

Most spots that are removed from carpet do not reappear.  However, some substances in carpet backing may wick to the surface after cleaning. If this happens, please contact us at 888-575-4999.

If I have a real stubborn stain, will there be an extra charge for that?

Please let us know ahead of time, that way there won’t be an extra charge.

There are black lines around the edges of my carpet. Are they permanent?

Black lines are known as “filtration lines,” which are created by soot from your furnace or candle smoke.  This is not uncommon.  It is possible to remove them, but it’s extremely time consuming. The molding must be taped with painter’s tape then we treat the edges with a cleaning solution.  We then steam clean it with a crevice attachment.  This process must be repeated multiple times which takes several hours.  Due to the time commitment, there is an additional charge for this.

Do you guarantee removal of all spots or stains in the carpet?

We cannot guarantee that we will remove all spots or stains. There are substances that can permanently discolor the carpet fibers. The age of the carpet and the type of carpet fibers also plays a factor in this. We will try to determine this in advance from our experience.

Will you be able to remove odors?

Our cleaning agent will tackle odor sources such as vomit, feces, urine, milk, blood, etc. The solution removes organic odors that it contacts. So, if the sources of the odor is trapped in the backing or padding, we cannot guarantee complete removal of the odor.

Upholstery FAQs

How long does it take to clean my furniture / upholstery?

It takes approximately 1 hour to clean a standard couch, depending on soil and stains.

When can we use the furniture once cleaned?

Furniture can generally be used again 2-4 hours after cleaning.

Why is professional cleaning necessary when I can wash my furniture cushion covers in the washing machine?

Furniture and cushion covers will hasten, shrink and fade in the washing machine and will lead to deterioration of the fabric. Our upholstery / furniture cleaning process will thoroughly deep clean your furniture cushion covers without degrading the material or leaving water marks.

Can you clean the upholstery/carpets in my car?

Yes, we can provide a quote for that.

Do you recommend that an upholstery protector solution be applied to my furniture after cleaning and do you provide this?

Yes, a quality upholstery protector will help to keep your furniture cleaner and looking great for a longer time. While upholstery protector solutions are generally applied to new fabrics, they will degrade over time.

Tile & Grout FAQ

How long does it take to clean my tile floor?
It generally takes between 30-60 minutes to clean the tile and grout of an average size room of up to 150 square feet. If sealant is applied after the tiles have been cleaned, the entire process takes about 2-3 hours to finish.

Is it recommended to have grout lines sealed?

Yes because grout is porous and readily absorbs dirt & spills. We recommend applying a proven sealant so because it will protect and you can clean dirt, spills, and liquids before they permeate and stain the grout. We will be happy to provide a quote.

How long does it take for the tile & grout sealant to dry?

It takes about 30 minutes for the sealant to dry so please no walking or activity on the floor tile. The sealant normally takes about 24 hours to completely cure & dry; special care should be taken to ensure that no liquids or other materials come in contact with the sealant during this period.

What type of floor cleaning products are recommended to prolong the strength of the sealant?

Bleach or harsh chemical cleaners will wear down the sealant more quickly. We recommend any commercially available product that doesn’t contain bleach.

Water Extraction FAQ

We just had a flood and need help!  What services do you offer?

The first thing we’ll do is pump out freestanding water quickly, and then extract water from carpet, padding, and upholstery.  Next, we will remove carpet and padding if deemed necessary. We will then clean, dry, and reinstall carpet and padding based on IICRC standards.

We will provide you with professional grade equipment for a controlled drying process of your home and its contents.  This minimizes the possibility of secondary damage and potential microbial growth.  Specialized instruments locate hidden pockets of water and monitor the dehumidification/drying process.

Mastrangelo’s Carpet Cleaning will work directly with your insurance company to process claims and get your home back to normal as soon as possible.  We will make sure your home’s structure and contents are dry to  the recommended industry standards.


When I searched for you on the Internet, a comedian came up, is that you?

Yes, but I’m serious about my cleaning business.  Visit my comedy website to see my upcoming performances.

Do you have a referral bonus or program?

Yes, clients who refer us or rate us on Yelp or Google reviews will receive a bottle of our private labeled spot cleaner.

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