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Tile and Grout


Just like your carpets, tile is a long term home investment.  Over time, tile and grout lines become dirty and stained and discolored. You can restore your tile to it’s original beauty with our professional tile cleaning services.

Scrubbing tile and grout lines is time consuming, messy and tough on your hands and knees!  Our machines will pressure wash your tile & grout and the results will speak for themselves.  We can clean all ceramic tile and grout, bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchen floors, mudrooms, tiled foyers and entryways, tiled halls, sunrooms, countertops, and more.

Sealing your grout will make cleaning it much easier as the sealer keeps dirt off the actual grout.  We would happy to provide a free demonstration after cleaning.

  • A thorough pre-inspection
  • Apply a powerful cleaning solution on your tile and grout
  • Use a high-pressure heated rinse to remove dirt and residue
  • Keep it all under control in a fully enclosed vacuum system
  • Seal the grout to keep it cleaner longer  (Upgrade Service)
  • Clean up and perform a post-inspection
  • Ask about Grout Color Seal!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

We have cleaned countless residential kitchen, entry, foyer, and bathroom tiled floors, and provided commercial tile cleaning services in offices, banks, medical facilities, and many other types of MA businesses.

Our tile cleaning process:

1. Pre-Spray. We use a special agent that you apply to the tile. Pre-spraying will loosen any heavy dirt or grease from the tile surface prior to cleaning.
2. Pressure Rinse. This is the actual tile cleaning process and is done with a special cleaning agent using the Hard Surface Cleaning Tool which is connected to the truck mount equipment in the van that runs at 1,500 PSI. This process blasts the soil right out of any hard surface.
3. Edging. The Hard Surface Cleaning Tool is used to clean the tile, but it does not get close enough to do the edges near the walls. In this case, an Edging/Coving Tool is used to do the edges.
4. Dry and Seal. Once the tile is cleaned, it is dry; once dried, a clear or colored sealer is applied. This sealer dries in 30 minutes and it cures in 24 hours. This sealer preserves the grout cleaner longer.

This entire tile cleaning process takes no more than 3 hours to complete.

Top notch tile cleaning equipment

Our high pressure tile cleaning process will remove stubborn dirt and particles, and thoroughly restore your floor tiles.  We use powerful top notch tile cleaning equipment that steams and cleans tile at 260° and blasts out dirt & stains at 1000 PSI (pounds per square inch).

There is never a “mess” at your home or business because our equipment is attached to our truck. Our floor buffing machine steams, cleans, and vacuums at the same time, sending the dirty water and used cleaning solution residue to the truck. This process keeps the surrounding job site in the home or business setting as clean and manageable as possible.